James Perkins

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Where I lurk

Service Type Provider My link or handle
E-mail loowit.net james(at)loowit.net
Instant Messaging ICQ 6349967
AOL IM opalmirror
Yahoo! Messenger opalmirror
Internet Relay Chat FreeNode jamesp
Social Networking Facebook opalmirror
Google+ James Perkins
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LinkedIn jamestperkins
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Music Networking last.fm opalmirror
Pandora james3225
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Photos flickr opalmirror
Video youtube opalmirror
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Art DeviantArt opalmirror
Wish List Amazon.com opalmirror
Personal Weather Stations Eugene Weather Underground KOREUGEN76
Citizen Weather Observer Prgram KN1X/AT272
Amateur Radio Eugene area repeaters KN1X

Miscellaneous Links

  • Amateur Radio - KN1X - My hobby radio station
  • Rocketry - PSAS - An experimental rocketry project I am involved in through Portland State University
  • Beer - recipes and records of my homebrewing attempts
  • Feline Asthma - Fritz - my asthmatic cat's site, with lots of feline asthma information
  • Geek - Loowit.net - my Virtual Private Server for several Internet domains and home network
  • Photos - flickr
  • Memberships: IEEE, LWN
  • Work - I do embedded Linux distribution work, including native and cross build, kernel and application development
  • Consulting - small network consulting

Some Interests

8-bit, alcohol, ambient, animals, anthropology, arabica, art film, art nouveau, backpacking, baking, beer, belize, biking, biology, bisexuality, book stores, brewing, british columbia, burning man, camping, canada, carl sagan, cascade, cascadia, cats, cheese, chocolate, community, compassion, computers, conferences, conservation, cooking, critical thinking, cuddling, dalai lama, dams, dance, dining, dinosaurs, documentary, doumbek, ecology, edward gorey, embedded, endangered species, engineering, environment, fair trade, feline asthma, flying karamazov brothers, forest, free software, freedom of expression, gardening, gblt, geeks, geology, geomorphology, gnu, guitar, health, hiking, hippies, historical geology, home improvement, honesty, hot springs, hot tubs, humanism, independent media, intelligence, jack of all trades, karma, kboo, kokopelli, land forms, land use, learning, liberal, life, life-cycle cost, linux, lists, literati, love, men, middle east, mountains, music, new zealand, nonfiction, npr, open source, optimism, oregon, organic, oscar wilde, outdoors, pacific north west, pacific northwest, pacifism, pagan, paganism, peace, photography, poetry, political essays, politics, polyamory, portland, powerpc, pragmatism, privacy, progressive, raqs sharqi, reading, real time, real-time, relationships, research, roadtrips, road cuts, robots, rockets, salmon, science, scorpio, scrabble, sharing, singing, sleeping, socialism, software, spacecraft, spiritual, stanley kubrik, stephen jay gould, sushi, sustainability, sustainable development, tarot, teasing, thinking, travel, understanding, volcanoes, volcanology, voting, vxworks, washington, wilderness, wildflowers, wildlife, wikipedia, wine, women, writing, yoga

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