Monta Vista Weather Station, Eugene, OR, US

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My Weather Blog

I maintain a personal weather station at my home, located in the Monta Vista suburb near 28th and Garfield in Eugene, OR, halfway up the slope of the South Hills.

I report my weather data to the public via Weather Underground and the Citizen Weather Observer Program. Every ten minutes my computer runs a progam to read the weather station and sends an update via the Internet to the servers for each service.

Today's Data Graphs from Weather Underground


Free Software:

  • Linux kernel
  • Linux Mint operating system distribution (Xfce spin)
  • weewx open source weather station v3.1.0

Citizen Weather Observer Progam

This network of individual contributors contributes data to the NOAA National Weather Service's mesonet where it can be used to fine tune their forecasting models. In return, they provide me with error information about my station. I also trained to be a Sykwarn weather spotter.

My site's activity can be had by querying, or simply searching for my station ID.

Ancient history: Before I lived here, at my last home, local news described my station in the article Colton Corner 8/25/10: Local man keeps track of weather so you don't have to (sorry, the link is obsolete).